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Startup Attorney / Patent Attorney / Technology Attorney / Investment Attorney / Outside General Counsel | Marietta, Georgia (Metro Atlanta)

Member of the State Bar of Georgia
Registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office

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Helped companies navigate federal securities laws and blue sky laws to raise money from investors (Regulation D and Regulation S)Helped founders form LLC, C Corps and S Corps and convert existing entity types into different types and add or remove membersHelped draft, review and revise articles of organization, articles of formation, operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, Section 83(b) elections, and S Corp variationsDrafted a software license agreement for a B2B startupHelped many startups negotiate contracts with large companiesHelped a client negotiate a technology license agreement with a universityHelped companies enter into joint venture arrangement, company purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements and asset sale agreements

Helped clients create and/or respond to cease and desist and/or demand lettersDrafted first contracts for consultants, startups and small businessesNegotiated sales contracts with GPOs and IDNs on behalf of a medical device companyHelped a healthcare company negotiate overseas clinical and distribution agreementsRepresented a SaaS company for a custom reseller arrangementHelped a company acquire another company while keeping the target's management structure in placeHelped investors buy into a businessHelped a software developer sell his technologyHelped a local business owner sell his business with owner financingHelped domestic and international founders that had purchased forms but did not understand them to complete the incorporation process

Advised clients on and drafted non-compete/non-solicit agreementsHelped clients transfer and/or domesticate entities across state linesHelped multinationals enter into sales contracts with other multinationalsSimplified clients legal needs by finding and coordinating with other attorneysHelped a company negotiate a complete release of its liabilitiesDrafted an installment contract to help a client pay off debtsDrafted phantom equity and stock option plans for clientsHelped clients build contract templates that were customized to their business needsDrafted promissory notes and loan agreements for clientsAdvised a client about fiduciary duties of a partnershipDrafted demand letters to parties in breach of their contractsRepresented a medical device sales organization that entered into a distribution relationship involving the entire product lineup of a division of multinationalHelped a client assign intellectual property between two parties* Similar results should not be expected as the facts of individual situations vary widely.


Georgia IP Association (GIPA), Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Inventor IP Round Table Prize Sponsor, 2023The Priggya Aurora Show on Legal Entrepreneurship, Featured Guest, Episode 12 (Discussing Startup Law Practice), 2022GIPA IP Bash Sponsor, 2019SEMDA PitchRounds Judge, 2019Georgia Bio Holiday Party Sponsor, 2018IoT Showcase Sponsor, 2018TAG IoT Hackathon Sponsor, 2017

Emory Law School, Attorney Panel on How Attorneys Assist Startups, 2017TI:GER Program Panel at Emory Law School, Entrepreneurship Law, 2017ACI's 8th Annual Forum on Sunshine Act, Open Payments, and Aggregate Spend Compliance, Panel on Managing Perception of Public Disclosures, 2015q1 Pharmaceutical and Device Legal and Compliance Conference, Co-Presenter on Sunshine Act/Open Payments Compliance, 2014Conducted several Annual Compliance Trainings for the U.S. executive, sales and marketing employees of Maquet Getinge Group (2012 - 2016)


UpCounsel Stellar Attorney Badge, awarded 6x to silverlegal for top 25% performance and client satisfaction (October 2018, December 2018, and January-April 2019) for, in UpCounsel's words, "More seasoned, high-performing attorneys among the top 25% of attorneys on UpCounsel, based upon performance and client satisfaction."Mr. Silver is featured on the Startup Counsel Registry, an international list of attorneys known for working with startups: https://www.startupgc.us/startup-counsel-registryMr. Silver is featured as one of the Best Business Lawyers in the State of Georgia by howtostartanLLC.com

Practice Areas

Outside General CounselCorporateContractsFormationComplianceSecurities (Limited to Private Placements)Patent Law (Utility, Design, PCT)Trademark LawIntellectual Property LicensingEmployment (Limited to Agreements, Handbooks, Policies, and Non-Competes)

INDUSTRIESTechnology (Software, IoT, Hard Sciences and Cutting Edge)Health ITMedical DevicesConsumer ProductsHealth Care / Life Sciences VendorsManufacturingConsultingSales OrganizationsB2BStaffing

Employment History

Founder and Managing Attorney, silverlegal (2016 - Present)In-house Counsel at the Getinge Group, a Nordic large cap medtech company publicly listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (2011 - 2016)Patent Associate at Oliff PLC, a top-5 US patent prosecution firm according to IP Today (2008 - 2010) based on patents issued


JD, Emory University School of LawMBA, Emory University Goizueta School of BusinessBS, Cornell University, College of Engineering, Materials Science & EngineeringInternational Diploma, Imperial College London, Royal School of Mines, Materials


We mostly represent entrepreneurs and early-stage companies by choice and happily work with them where they are now. Our clients are diverse and non-exclusively in the B2B, technology and/or healthcare fields.
Primary Care
silverlegal aims to provide its clients with a hard-to-find primary care relationship. This creates an intense focus where the lawyer can see risks across the client's business and get to know the client and its industry.
Accessible Service
A constant theme running through all of silverlegal's 5-star customer reviews is service, which we define as an accessible attorney that takes the time to understand the client's needs, ensures the client understands their options, and delivers quality, tailored, and practical legal solutions.
Predictable Pricing
Whether flat fee, subscription, or hourly, you will always have a reasonable idea of what your services will cost upfront.
Old-fashioned Value
Clients can expect silverlegal to work hard to understand your business in a way that typical law firms' pricing models will not allow, with a passion for quality client advice. We provide a truly personalized relationship at an excellent value.

We thrive on helping startups
We prefer the messy world of creating something out of nothing. A vision, limited capital and overwhelming constraints are all you have. Entrepreneurship is, by definition, drinking from the fire hose. You're trying to figure out what business you are in, what is your market, who your customers are, what do they want and how best to serve them. You have an unlimited number of service providers offering you their services. You have people trying to sell you leads, design your website, develop apps and advertise your business. Yet you likely have limited time and resources and do not know who you can trust. It's challenging to say the least. We get it.
You know the formula for success: come up with a vision to serve your customers, surround yourself with a team of good people, work hard, and drive forward. Tweak where necessary. You may have even driven farther than most of your peers. Even when you think you have it all figured out, you are only at the beginning.While silverlegal cannot solve all of your issues, we believe we can be a valuable contributor to your team and help you row the boat forward. We can help at any stage of the process, and silverlegal's flexible subscription models for working relationships can grow along with your company. We thrive on making clients like you happy and confident in their choices. We spend the time and focus on you when other attorneys do not (even if they say they work with startups). We want to be part of your journey, and we care about your success.We Understand That Startups Are Not Always Taken Seriously
With silverlegal, you don’t have to worry about your startup being taken seriously while our lawyers are more concerned with maintaining the relationship of multi-billion dollar clients. We take our clients seriously at the startup stage. We happily work with ex-clients of large law firms that feel their former law firms were not looking out for the clients' best interest. At silverlegal, we don’t treat the legal work of startups as a pro bono opportunity, don’t offer a severely underpriced package initially to startups intended to catch only the highest fliers, or don’t use startup legal work as associate training ground. Startups and small businesses are silverlegal's main clients, and we charge them our normal prices for our legal work in a mutually beneficial relationship.
Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, an executive with a side project or a first timer, whether you are only getting started or have found market success, or whether you are boot strapping or seeking venture funding, silverlegal wants to help you achieve your dreams.We Understand That Startup Inventors Did NOT Get Good Advice Before Coming to silverlegal
Some inventors tried to handle their utility patent applications on their own, and the first Office Actions proved that strategy didn't work out so well. Others chose a mismatched law firm, whether incompetent, careless, unresponsive, unreasonably high billing, or inability or unwillingness to make progress in patent prosecution stage. And now the next Office Action arrived and you find yourself looking for someone new with a glimmer of hope that something will change. With silverlegal, you know your USPTO registered patent attorney will appreciate what it is like to be a startup and how wasted time or wasted funds can lead to a failure of your business venture. Some times it is too late to fix things after the application is filed, but we will try to get you back on course.


Mr. Silver's approach to silverlegal comes from his internal struggles with law firm norms. He had worked in a law firm with an international reputation and in-house at a multinational medical technology company. Even at the time when his clients could afford to pay high legal fees, Mr. Silver has always struggled with the hourly billing model that is so prevalent in the legal field. In the law firm environment, he felt he was doing something wrong when billing clients for more than what was expected even when unforeseeable complications arose and extra work was legitimately needed. Then, spending several years in an in-house legal department, he learned why budgets matter to businesses and why foreseeability of a major line item like legal spend is important. An in-house counsel doesn't care how much time an outside lawyer spends on a matter as long as the overall costs are reasonable and expected and quality answers are timely. Clients are the same way. Mr. Silver also struggled with advising clients to have the lawyers provide more clarity when the clients would have proceeded anyway. In-house, he learned that not all issues needed an expensive 100% clear answer when an affordable 80% clear answer would be satisfactory–not every legal issue is a bet-the-company issue. He has also struggled with the lack of clear legal advice due to the inherent ambiguity in the grey areas of the law and unclear facts. The "it depends" standard lawyer answer is rarely actionable without another "plain English" lawyer to translate the options. Mr. Silver felt that legal service doesn't have to be this way, especially for startups and small businesses that need clear guidance and budget predictability.

Mr. Silver is a seasoned generalist with focused experience in startups, business law, intellectual property, contracts, technology law, employment, healthcare law, and corporate compliance. He builds a primary-care lawyer relationship with his clients, which is suitable for many of his clients' day-to-day needs. When specialists are needed, he is happy to reach outside of silverlegal and facilitate the interaction. He prefers communication in plain English regardless of the subject matter and the roll-up-your-sleeves practicality of an in-house lawyer. For much of his legal career, he has had experience dealing with international clients and is used to delivering international-level complex representation on his client matters.Before founding silverlegal, Mr. Silver provided legal counsel to a multinational company with $3.5B+ in annual revenue. He was also in charge of the US Compliance program and transparency efforts for the company's largest division. Prior to that, he worked as a patent prosecution attorney at a large Alexandria, Virginia IP boutique, where he regularly negotiated (e.g., Office Action responses and Examiner interviews) with the USPTO on behalf of his clients to get his clients better scope for their patent claims and worked with foreign associates on inbound and outbound international work.Mr. Silver is from Marietta, Georgia and enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, eating Asian food and hiking.


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